We are a small company created by an Estonian doctor of personalized lifestyle medicine with the primary aim of providing our clients unique products of highest quality.
Based on our knowledge and experience, we have carefully selected products based on purity and efficiency. 
We prefer to supply the best instead of "easy to sell" products, that make quick profits, but are of questionable quality and benefit to you.
Whenever possible, we prefer products that have plant based ingredients, not chemical compounds and that contain no unnecessary additives.
Our products are highest professional grade nutritional supplements that have proven record. Products, that our team has tested and used ourselves.
We believe that when you look and feel your best, you will be inspired to help others do the same. 
Our mission is to create a community of health conscious people united by a passion to change the way people live by offering superior quality and trusted products that will change lives from the inside out and outside in. 
Our name Ambrosia literally means "immortality" in Greek and is also referred to in ancient texts as "healing nectar". Our belief is that nature's infinite resources hold the answer to chronic health issues associated with modern lifestyle of the western world. 
Nutritional supplements sold at our webshop are all manufactured by companies, whose manufacturing processes meet and exceed strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements, including strict testing of raw ingredients. 
We choose to work only with companies that are clinically, technologically and ethically advanced, carry out scientific research and seek out cutting-edge nutritional products. We are passionate about  health and spreading the knowledge of health  at Ambrosia Nutrition. We are committed to improving the lives of all those we touch. Your health and wellbeing is our highest aim.
Our commitment to quality means that we always prefer products, that:
- are free of artificial flavouring our colouring, sweeteners & GMO's
- provide optimal bioavailability
- are preferably of plant based origin and organic
- are pure and contain as little additives (fillers, binders, coatings, lubricants etc.) as possible